Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We will not be Intimidated! We will not Stop!

We apologize to Dakota Trace. Our review of your book, Always the Bridesmaid, will appear next Tuesday.

To the purpose of this post:

The stupidity of some authors who can't take a review *ahem* Graylin Fox *ahem*, and must prove, 'oh, I'm so great' by running to Twitter and sniping at us has never failed to astound us. You are not the first. We highly doubt you will be the last. We chalk up your attitude to being a newbie and not being able to take criticism.

But, to be called a 'pirate' because we actually purchased our books by her publisher **ahem** Decadent Publishing **ahem** is unheard of. Because we aren't on their review list nor have we received their extra-special 'water-marked' review copy and then assume we attained our copies through some illegal means is mind-boggling and completely false. To say we aren't a legitimate review site because we aren't on their review list is laughable. To have this publisher conflate an author's emotions by going through their sale records and then tell the author that they cannot match up a name or names is ridiculously unprofessional. And they did just that.

Decadent Publishing is to blame for this. Period and point blank. They gave information to their author that was none of her business. That they tried to match us up to names in their sales records only shows the immaturity of the owner/s of this company.

Miss Fox also owns blame. We have tried to cut her some slack because we truly believe she should have had a stronger editor on Coming Home. Unfortunately, and this is readily apparent, she obviously can't take criticism, and because her ego wouldn't allow her to let go she dragged her publisher into this. This is also unheard of. Here's a clue – eventually you will get a poor review. It's the nature of the publishing industry.

It boils down to this. The Enders purchase books. We purchase not only from the publisher's site but third party distributors. Yes! Yes, we do use pseudonyms. This incident can surely show everybody why.

We have lives. We have families. We have professions. Many of us have facebook pages/twitter accounts and the likes. If an author thinks we are going to use our real names and potentially open ourselves up for a very public attack by a miffed, immature author when they should take the review and move forward is out of the question.

Reviewers beware – Decadent Publishing will call you a pirate if you don't give their author praise or you didn't receive their extra-special 'water-marked' copy.

Publishers and Reviewers beware – Graylin Fox is as unprofessional as it comes. She's proven she can't work and play well with others.

As always, we thank the other Enders spread across the nation for their time, opinion and the vigorous debate we have. If not in Decadent Publishing's opinion, then in ours, you are legitimate reviewers.

We also thank those who visit this blog and find our reviews helpful.


  1. A question?

    Would you like out of your contract with Decadent Publishing since you don't seem to respect either them or their authors?

  2. OMG! That's rude! Ur a publisher-- U should be ashamed of threetning ppl who give an opinion on books.

    How would u like it if ppl went around saying giving out ur sales info?

    I never bought from u & now Im glad I nver did.

  3. This blog is not about doing legitimate reviews. This is a platform for ambushing an author for personal reasons. One of the owners of this blog is actually under contract with Decadent Publishing at this very moment. I've got to ask "why" would she ever submit to us if she thinks so little of our authors/company and has made public statement of the fact? Is that something a rational human being would do? For real?

  4. Geez... I had to go in and login to comment, but... I couldn't not.

    I don't know the history here, don't care to, it's a moot point, blah blah blah.

    All I can say is this-a professional publishing company wouldn't dare make a comment like this, IMO. Reputable, professional publishing companies keep their business matters behind closed doors in the 'office' so to speak, where they belong.

    Reviews don't hurt sales-I buy through negative reviews. Plenty of people do, out of curiosity, or because what the reviewer hated, the reader will enjoy.

    So what if it seen as an attack? So what if IT an attack? Decadent will lose more sales through this simply by their comments than they ever would have lost through one negative review.

    IMO, Decadent's comments here simply make them come off as a high school bully.

    Geez. IMO... as I'm entitled to have, definitely not a place I'd want to give my works to.

  5. Well, I for one will NEVER buy anything released by Decadent Publishing. They are clearly run by unscrupulous business people who feel the need to stomp anyone who might not adore their titles. To disparage others because of their *opinion* is childish, to say the very least. Absolutely shameful and abhorrent behavior. And I won't even address the issue of Graylin Fox's immaturity - seems like she found the perfect home for her work.

  6. I've not heard of this publishing imprint before now - though certainly having read of this disgraceful and extremely immature behaviour on their part and this author - will not in any way patronise them.

    I hope the story spreads far and wide and gives them a wake-up call as to what is and what is not acceptable.

  7. Definitely not acceptable. I for one won't be submitting anything under Decadent's Publishing until they learn to grow up a little.

  8. Wow. I had no idea the publishing business could be so catty. I was thinking of doing some more writing and maybe send to a publisher. But if this is how it goes, I guess I'll stay away from writing. Between this lack of professionalism and then reading about Ilona Andrew's take on reviews, geesh, this is crazy.

  9. Please don't feel set back by this Dorothy. There is a lot of goof in publishing. With every industry there are catty and unprofessional people who like to spoil it for everyone else. Don't let this hinder your ambitions.