Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: Suck on This Year – Denis Leary

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Suck on This Year: LYFAO @ 140 Characters or Less
By Denis Leary
Published by Viking Adult
MSRP – varies – 9.90 to 16.00
Score - C

Five Enders bought the story. Ten Enders either borrowed the hard cover or were gifted with the story (it's short and doesn't take a lot of time). All finished.

What can Denis Leary say in 140 characters or less? Quite a lot. This is not your classic Denis Leary though his edgy sarcasm is on display. It's sort of Twitter meets adrenaline rush meets caustic humor sans all the verbiage. It's an enjoyable, highly entertaining read. One thing that really popped up in the comment cards is the price. At over 10.00 a pop, this quick read leaves a foul taste in your mouth because it's pricey. NOTE: a portion of this book's proceeds goes to a charity (New York Fire Fighters). It tones down the hurt, but the wound inflicted still requires a band-aid.

The final score is a C

Cost hurt this story. At 5.00 or 7.50 it might have been worth it. It is, after all, only 112 pages. Still, buy it and share it around, you probably won't feel the crunch to your wallet quite the same way and you'll be donating to a worthy cause.

It is a laugh a minute for about fifteen minutes.

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