Monday, January 31, 2011

Review- Pure Sin- Rynne Raines

Pure Sin
Rynne Raines
The Wild Rose Press – Scarlet Rose Imprint
MSRP – 3.50

3 bought from All Romance e-Books. All finished.

Whips. Blindfolds. Restraints. And a man rumored to be the most skilled Dom in the city... As the BDSM instructor at the hottest fetish club in Los Angeles, Bianca Alexander prides herself on being open, honest, and informative with her clientele when it comes to kink. The fact that she hasn't knelt before a master of her own in four long years doesn't affect her ability to teach, though a part of her longs to be back in her Dom's arms. But when her boss hires Cade Sinclair--her primary rival from a competing club--to assist teaching her classes, Bianca's comfortable solo act becomes a sinful duet drenched in Pure Sin.

NOTE: This story contains: BDSM, anal sex and explicit language

Comment Cards Read:
* Went into this story expecting cliché and it was, but the author did a really good job developing the characters. I have her other book on my TBB list. Would definitely buy another from her, just not run to the check out aisle.

* This is one hot story. Bianca and Cade are great together. I will say that there's a lot going on in the 150 pages, and I enjoyed all of it.

* Kudos to Rynne Raines. The story was well written and a great read. Characters were really exciting. A page turner from start to finish. Only knock-down I have was it could be any story out there with BDSM in it but the characters saved it from being run of the mill.

Final Score—B+ - cliché hurt this story, but it is worth the price and the time it took to read it.

The bar has risen exponentially.

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