Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Infamous ‘Did Not Finish’ List for November 2010

Happy Saturday all,

It's that time of the month. When we dish on the stories we didn't finish. This month was a little light because of the holiday, but we can honestly say, most of these stories were so bad, we wished we'd never heard of them.

**Flaws and All by Mahalia Levey. Available from Beautiful Trouble Publishing.

Comment cards read:

Poorly written. Dumb premise.

Cliche. Poorly edited. Will never buy this author again.

**Screwing the Superhero (began conversation on this story the end of September) and Banging the Superhero by Rebecca Royce. Available from Noble Romance.

Comment cards read:

Couldn't get past the first ten pages of Screwing the Superhero. Poorly conceived.

The characters don't make sense.

Gave up in the last third of Banging a Superhero—the story was senseless. I couldn't figure out what the author was talking about.

**Ace of Spades by J. Hali Steele. Available from Ellora's Cave.

Comment cards read:

Dumb and dumber meets gratuitous sex in a story without a plot and without anything other than spread your legs. Will never buy this author again.

The 'F-fest' made no sense. Oh, here we are – let's screw. I don't ever expect much from Ellora's Cave, but this story was a whole new level of disappointment.

I can't describe the depths of poor writing in this story. Was it even edited? I don't think so.


There they are. The four books we couldn't finish.

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